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Company profile

We produce custom mostly classic interiors. Our products are always original pieces, which are the reflection of your individual requirements and ideas.

Our products go in two directions:

  • Interior furniture (custom/built-in furniture, solitaires)
  • Basic elements of building joinery (parquets, floor boards, stairs, doors, walls and ceilings, shutters)

We are the Czech company with its own background and experience since 1992, especially in foreign markets.

Each customer has its own special wishes, which means our individual approach to every piece of furniture made exclusively from high quality materials. Our client has the opportunity for consultation and the possibility to propose a change, if it is technologically possible. We do our best to satisfy really demanding client to project his ideas into the final product. Every wish is a challenge for us because our customer directly participates in the production process and thus moves us forward with each project.

We work only with quality materials: from solid wood, veneer, waxes and oils, to furniture fittings and accessories.

Individual customer´s wishes, material quality and a high portion of handmade are parameters that do not allow the calculation per meter. Therefore, we calculate each order individually.

Company history:

  • Since 1992 we have been gaining experience in our field. At the beginning we started with two joiners, nowadays we employ 11 joiners and cooperate with other professional companies (parquet production, painters, wallpapering, plumbers, etc.).

    At the beginning we were buing and restoring old furniture, and thus we gained experience and learned a lot. Followed by production of replicas of old furniture for target markets, particularly in Germany and the Netherlands.

    Our company were growing step by step, we bought a new technology for better manufacture and assembly. With this investment we expanded the range of offered products and increased their quality.

  • 1996: first we did the complete interior
  • 1997: we presented in our first trade fair in Gent (Belgium). It was a next step to our expansion into the European market
  • By 2003 we focused on gastronomy interiors mostly: hotels, restaurants, clubs,..
  • From 2003 we are focused on private clients, which put much stronger emphasis on the details.

Realizations and trade fairs

Mostly we work for foreign clients, dominantly in Europe (Germany, the Netherlands, England, France), but also in the USA, Japan, New Zeland, Australia, or Africa. Next we install our furniture in historical buildings such as the Château Béla (Štúrovo, Slovakia).

Our customers are the members of European royal families or the presidential families. In the Czech Republic we have worked for the Czech church houses, and private clients – such as Chateau Mcely or residential apartments in Pařížská, Široká, Dlouhá, Jungmannova or Vězeňská Street in Praha.

Basicly we can say that thanks to our customers we realize projects in the best European locations: Hamburg, Amsterdam, London, Paris…

Traid fairs

We present in the most famous world trade fairs (Maison&Objet in Paris, Decorex International in London, etc.), where we get in contact with designers, architects, and ending customers all over the world.

Coming soon:

**AMBIENTE 2022 (Frankfurt, Germany)


AMBIENTE 2020 (Frankfurt, Germany): 7. – 11. 2. 2020 (hall 8, stand H71)

MAISON & OBJET 2019 (Paris, France): 6. – 10. 9. 2019 (hall 7, stand B64)

AMBIENTE 2019 (Frankfurt, Germany): 8. – 12. 2. 2019 (hall 8, stand H24)

MAISON & OBJET 2018 (Paris, France): 7. – 11. 9. 2018 (hall 7, stand C209)

AMBIENTE 2018 (Frankfurt, Germany): 9. – 13. 2. 2018 (hall 9, stand B91)

MAISON & OBJET 2017 (Paris, France): 8. – 12. 9. 2017 (hall 8, stand C81/D82)

AMBIENTE 2017 (Frankfurt, Germany): 10. – 14. 2. 2017 (hall 9, stand B91)

MAISON & OBJET 2016 (Paris, France): 2. – 6. 9. 2016 (hall 8, stand D78)

AMBIENTE 2016 (Frankfurt, Germany): 12. – 16. 2. 2016 (hall 8, stand N44)